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Supply List


 1 - One-Subject Notebook (Religion)
 2 - Five-Subject spiral bound notebooks (Science, Math)
 1 - One-inch flexible binder (Social Studies)
 2 - Three-ring (small rings) flexible binder (no black) (Literature, Language)
 1 - Small compostiion notebook


 3 - plain two pocket folder (no black) (Literature, Language, Vocabulary)
 1 - plain blue two pocket folder (Science)

Notebook Accessories

 2 - Packages of lined notebook paper (Social Studies, Literature)
 3 - Sets of notebook dividers (Social Studies, Literature, Science)

Other Supplies

 3 - Large paper bags for book covers
 black/blue pens (at least one erasable)
 red pens
 colored pencils
 pencil eraser
 white out
 ruler (metric and English scales - no metal)
 glue/glue stick
 pencil case for supplies
 3 - Boxes of Kleenex (one for each classroom)
 wipes to clean
 2 - pencil cases (general supplies, art)

Supplies should be in on the first day of school as notebook set-up will begin.