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Supply List

1. At least three pencils and 2 highlighters (one not yellow) 
2. At least three ballpoint pens (black or blue) 
3. 2 red pens for correcting 
4. A box of crayons (24 is sufficient) 
5. Magic markers 
6. Colored pencils - for Math and Science 
7. A pair of scissors 
8. Glue 
9. A plastic (not flexi-ruler) ruler with both standard and metric measurements 
10. A St. Mary's School assignment pad is required ($3.00). These will be handed out the first day of school. 
11. A schoolbag to keep supplies in (a bag fits easier into the desk) 
12. 2 boxes of Kleenex and a container of wipes (boys - cleaning wipes, girls - hand wipes) 
13. Three two pocket folders 
14. Lined loose-leaf paper (kept at home for Math) 
15. An eager, open-mind, a positive attitude, and lots of enthusiasm 
16.***One check payable to St. Mary's for $13.00 will cover the cost of National Geographic, Assignment Notebook, and the $5.00 Science Supply fee. 
17. NOTEBOOKS: Two (2) of the 3 subject kind, one will be used for Math/Science. One (1) one subject notebook.

 I am looking to a fun year with lots of learning!!!