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School Masses

As a school we attend Mass at Saint Mary's Church throughout the year. If a holy day of obligation falls on a school day, we participate in the Mass that day, if there is no Holy Day of obligation during the month, we celebrate on the First Friday of the Month. We also choose other occasions that we come together to pray as a community. Mass is our highest form of prayer.

For our non-Catholic students, an orientation is provided at the beginning of the year so that everyone is aware of the fundamentals of the Mass.

Masses are also scheduled throughout the year for different classes and groups. Our middle school students serve as buddies for the preschool students and other younger elementary students. They walk to church together, sit together and help the younger student during the mass.

It is so essential to our school community that graduation is held within Mass every year, so graduation is combined with the Baccalaureate mass. Graduation Mass will be held June 2, 2017. Our students' greatest accomplishment is within the context of our greatest form of thanksgiving to God.