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One of the ways in which we enhance the spiritual lives of our students is through retreats.

The freshman and/or sophomore retreat is an opportunity for community-building. It invites the new members of our high school to reflect on the years ahead. Emphasis is on making good choices and the importance of friendship. Students are invited to reflect on the place of God in their lives and committing to him as they begin their high school careers.

The senior retreat comes at the end of high school. It is an opportunity to look back and to look forward. While students are encouraged to seek forgiveness for the past, this retreat is about looking at life as they move beyond Saint Mary's. Each student spends time affirming the gifts of others and identifying the ways in which God has blessed each of them.

Retreats are an important part of our overall spiritual program at Saint Mary's and are attended by all students. The freshman and sophomore retreat is led by NET Ministries and are held at the former Holy Trinity School just down the street from Saint Mary's. The Senior retreat is held at Holy Family Retreat Center in West Hartford CT.

The Freshman and Sophomore Retreats are held in the Fall,

The Senior Retreat is Held in the Spring: