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Welcome to Remedial Reading & Enrichment

     The remedial program provides instructional support for Grades K-5 in an educational environment of small group and/or 1:1 instruction. This program encompasses not only the core curriculum, but provides additional support and instruction in content-area reading, such as Social Studies, Science, and Math, especially in the area of problem solving. Referrals for remedial support are usually initiated by the classroom teacher. After remediation, the remedial teacher meets with the classroom teacher to share observations and instructional support results. At this time, if it is felt further evaluation might be beneficial, the remedial teacher initiates diagnostic testing so that strategies and accommodations may be planned and implemented to benefit the student. If accommodations are still not meeting a student's needs, the remedial, classroom teachers, Dean of Students, and Head of Schools meet to determine if the student would benefit from further evaluation that may include a visit to the pediatrician or an evaluation by their public school system.

     In addition, the remedial teacher often sends home at-home activities (especially for Grades K and 1) to reinforce classroom instruction. Also, the remedial teacher may send home summer activities and/or recommendations for summer support activities, especially in the area of reading and math.

     The remedial teacher is responsible for kindergarten screenings, new student placement assessments, diagnostic reading and math assessments (as needed), and attends TEAM meetings to determine a student's eligibility for public school services, such as occupational therapy, speech, or special education services.

                                                                                                               Mrs. Jane Tarnauskas