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Have you heard?

St. Mary’s Parish High School is expanding its program of studies. This newly enhanced framework is truly reflective of our faculty’s broad range of expertise and their commitment to our students. It aligns with Massachusetts state mandates and is competitive with offerings at other high schools in this region.

All St. Mary’s Parish School high school students, including freshmen, now have the opportunity to “customize” their educational experience by choosing from a wider range of subjects across disciplines. New class offerings include but are not limited to: web design, astronomy, environmental science, financial literacy, science fiction writing, film as literature, fitness and fun and many more. These classes will include a mix of students from grade 9 to grade 12, but the learning and assessments will be customized to the age-appropriate level.

We are also examining opportunities to elevate the intensity of some of our current offerings. Starting next year, our fourth-year foreign language students will participate in a full immersion environment, allowing for greater proficiency and a more well-rounded foreign language experience. More to come on this front!

Contact Mike Hourihan, Director of Guidance, at 568.5692 to learn more and/or to register for the 2017-2018 school year.