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Welcome to Grade 8

Welcome to the Eighth Grade,
     You probably never thought that this year would come, but indeed it has. It is a very important year for you as you bring to an end your Elementary and Middle School years. It is your final preparation for high school.
     It is a challenging year with class work, homework, and many projects. Some of you will be taking Algebra on the High School Campus while others will be using a textbook that has a heavy emphasis on Pre-Algebra. Foreign language classes are also on the High School Campus. Both the Math and Science books are online.
     In Religion you will do several projects with your buddies in the First Grade, dramatize the Nativity of Jesus, and the Way of the Cross during the seasons of Advent and Lent, and go on Retreat at the end of the year.
     As you prepare to graduate in June you will have a field trip to High Meadows where you can celebrate your years together as classmates and friends.
     Your final days will be spent practicing for Graduation which is always held at Mass and be guests at the last dance and a breakfast held in your honor.
     I am looking forward to being one of your teachers during this awesome year.