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Welcome to Grade 7 Social Studies

Middle School

Classes will be taught traditionally with teacher directed instruction,activities, and projects,and also by incorporating cooperative learning.

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Literature

The literature program is published by Prentice Hall. This program combines a wide variety of quality reading selections with literature analysis, critical thinking, and composition. It contains strategies for active reading and uses excellent artwork to add a humanities dimension to the program.

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Language and Vocabulary

The overview for language and vocabulary is as follows: In vocabulary we will be using Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop.The class will be doing daily workbook pages. We will be discussing strategies and ways to become excellent spellers. Spelling words should be studied each evening. The class will also be studying usage, antonyms, and synonyms, parts of speech, and word analogies. There will be a test when a unit is finished. There will also be a master test.

In every grade language development challenges teachers and students to explore their world through through spoken and written word. The book we will be using, Voyages in English, is designed to include the major areas of the language arts curriculum: writing, grammar, correct usage,mechanism, dictionary,and library skills, and speaking and listening skills. These are two distinctive sections in the textbook: writing and grammar. We will be setting up a creative writing folder to start process writing. We will also be using grammar workbooks.