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Information Technology

The St. Mary Parish computer network is a multi-node peer to peer network static address system.  The network gateway contains both a multi-wan router and 16 port gigabyte switches.  This network services all eight campus buildings. The network is serviced by three independent cable modems for speed and redundancy.  The campus has spare switches and programmed workstations ready to swap out in the event of a failure.

Internet security is accomplished by the installation of an Edgewave internet filter which limits browsing and web page viewing on all student machines.  The filter is updated on a daily basis by the manufacturer.

The typical workstation computers in the networks described above consist of either Dell P4/2.8GH or HP 2.8GH machines with either Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.  All machines have Microsoft Office 2007 (i.e. Excel, Word, Power Point) as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer XI with high speed internet access.

Workstation entry level security is accomplished by local passwords on each machine.  All student accessible machines include user accounts to preclude internet downloads, control panel changes, or printer reassignments. Computer room workstations share the “My Documents” folder to allow access from the audio/visual presentation center.  These folders are not password or write protected although strict usage is referenced in the published school computer use policy documentation.

Each of the above database software packages (QuickBooks and SNAP) includes a proprietary backup procedure for completing a redundant data storage area as well as CDRW hardware for off-site data storage. 

The Edline software, also hosted in the business office, provides for uploads to external hosting facilities eliminating any direct entry points within the network from the internet.

The recent addition of audio visual hardware in the church building now provides for live streaming of the weekly 10:00 AM mass using Ustream software and remote camera sequencing from a volunteer in the lower church area.

The Mathematics department uses a Mimio smart board interactive laser response system to project computer images and scientific calculator software for student observation.

The Elementary School building contains three Smart Technology student interactive smart boards for numerous interactive student projects as well as display of internet streaming live presentations.

Detailed searches of the school library database of hard copy and video material is possible using Odyssey cataloging software.  The database contains over 1,000 different books and DVD items for use of all departments.

Journalism and Art departments also use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign to prepare school advertising and other projects.

Engineering, Chemistry and Physics use Winscope, Virtual Chemlab, Kubotek and Google Sketchup lab simulation software with various digital input hardware for experiments and graphics projects.

The History department uses Estruction, Holt, McGraw and other classbook publisher software to create tests and quizzes in conjunction with the classroom written materials.

The workstations in the computer room as well as the audio/visual presentation facility are used by several additional departments including Chemistry, Biology, History, Spanish, and Accounting.

Ongoing maintenance and/or technology updates on the network are provided on site staff employee William Ploran II of Westfield, MA.