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The overall purposes and objectives of the science department are to provide a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum in science. The Science Department teaches scientific principles, analytical skills, critical thinking, and problem solving. Current material is included and connections are made between scientific issues and real life experiences.

The Science Department hopes to accomplish the following outcomes:

- Students will become effective critical thinkers and problem solvers.
- Students will gain a basic understanding of the major scientific principles and current issues in science.
- Students will be able to engage in intelligent discussions on scientific issues and matters of local and global concern.
- Students should be prepared to move on at the college level in a scientific study.

According to our mission statement, students are challenged to reach their highest potential, and are inspired to mature into responsible young people, fulfilling their God-given talents. In the course offerings of the department, time is spent admiring the beauty and diversity of earth in relation to science. We hope to develop a strong sense of stewardship to earth.

In order to establish a common foundation, freshmen begin their study of science with biology. From there all students are required to take chemistry. A third year of science is strongly recommended. Students can choose from anatomy and physiology, anatomy and physiology honors, or honors physics.