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Welcome To Kindergarten

Material covered in Kindergarten

Language Arts

Learn new vocabulary
Learn to develop interest in books and stories
Exposure to a variety of printed material
Learn the parts of a story and retell familiar stories, including key details
Learn to respond to literature in a variety of ways
Recognize real, fantasy and informational text
Learn the alphabet from A-Z
Learn to match letters with sound
Learn rhyming words
Learn initial consonants and ending sounds
Learn short and long vowel sounds
Learn to sound out simple words
Use theme books to reinforce phonics
Read common high-frequency words by sight
Learn to write names for pictures
Learn to write sentences

Learn how to use a calendar
Learn to sort and classify by color, shape, use, kind and size
Identify spatial relationships and directional words
Describe, extend and make patterns
Identify plane and solid figures
Learn equal parts
Identify more or less
Learn number readiness (one to one correspondence)
Learn ordinals first-tenth
Learn the number line
Identify and write numbers to 31
Count orally to 100 by ones and tens
Understand hundreds, tens and ones
Learn to add and subtract up to 10