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Elementary School Campus

     Welcome to the Elementary Campus of St. Mary's Parish School. What a fantastic school we have! Through our high standards and ambitious goals, which encompass spiritual and intellectual development, we recognize and celebrate each student's individuality. A well-rounded yet challenging education is provided to every student.

     Every student is offered an education that promotes academic excellence as well as a strong foundation based on the fundamental values of the Catholic Church. Equipped with an education that promotes challenging academic standards and deep-seated Gospel values, students are able to flourish both intellectually and morally.

     For those students who need additional assistance to help perform to the best of their ability, we provide remedial reading and math support. Meeting the emotional and physical wellbeing of the students is important as well; therefore we have a School Nurse and a Guidance counselor to help facilitate these needs as they arise.

     With constant evaluation of student success and the ongoing advancement of teaching methods comes our capacity to remain at the forefront of education. Alongside families, administrators, faculty, School Board, PTO, Development Board, and the Parish, our primary focus is to provide an environment that is Gospel-centered, safe, structured, and loving for every student. 

     Gospel values and religious instruction are incorporated throughout the day and into everyday teaching from starting each day with prayer to attending mass monthly. Further service to others and the participation in community outreach programs is strongly encouraged and supported by the school. 

     Enrichment and variety are important facets of student life at St. Mary’s. Whether it is a Middle School student conducting an experiment in our state-of-the-art Science Lab, being a star in the Middle School Drama Club play, performing a solo at the school-wide Spring Show, celebrating families and traditions with Heritage Day, becoming a representative on Student Council, or competing with friends on the ski slope, the students are provided with a multitude of ways to enrich their lives and help them discover their individuality here at St. Mary’s.

     While effectively implementing the curriculum guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Springfield, our school fulfills or surpasses all state mandated frameworks. In March 2004, we received our first ten-year Accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. We opened our 1st Pre-K Class to 4-year-olds in 2007. Five years later in 2012, we opened our first 3-year-old Preschool Class.     

     Our Massachusetts certified teachers, some of whom are Pioneer Valley Teachers of Excellence, aim to cultivate student’s identity and encourage them to reach academic milestones. 

     An outstanding staff in conjunction with our families enables us to provide an atmosphere that promotes a strong sense of camaraderie among the students. 

     Our goal is assisting each student in living the Gospel, being critical thinkers, self-motivators, and developing into good citizens.