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Clubs and Organizations

St. Mary’s offers a variety of activities and programs to complement a student’s academic formation. Through athletics, clubs, and service activities, students will gain a number of social skills which will help them in the wider community. These activities may vary from year to year based on student population and interest.

St. Mary’s requires its students to maintain a ‘C’ average and a G.P.A. of no less than 1.67 in order to participate in any club, service or sports program. No student with an ‘F’ in any course will be allowed to participate in any club, service or sports program. Furthermore, students on behavioral contract are ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Clubs at the high school include: As Schools Match Wits, Community Service/Key Club, Drama, Respect Life, National Honor Society, the Student Ambassador Program, and Student Council.

Qualifications for Club Officer:

1. Candidates must have a minimum grade point average of 1.67and no ‘F’s’ during the current year. Freshmen will elect their class officers after the first marking period.
2. Candidates must have exemplary behavior, no more than 4 demerits, good attendance record and no more than 3 unexcused tardies.
3. Candidates class dues must be paid and up to date.
4. Nomination papers/forms must be obtained from class/club advisors.
5. The same procedures used for qualifications of class officers will be used for the election of club officers.
6. Elected candidates must sign an Agreement Form with the Faculty and Administration, adhering to the above mentioned qualifications as a representative of St. Mary’s Parish School. The form will be maintained in the office.