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About St. Mary's

Saint Mary School was first opened as a parish school on September 3, 1898. It was dedicated by the Bishop of Springfield, Thomas Daniel Beaven. In 1899, under the guidance of the parish priest, Father Donahue, and with parish support, Saint Mary High School was established. In 1903, Nellie Roach became the first Saint Mary High School graduate. The high school was staffed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph whose members continued to serve our students until 2005.

In 1915 more room was needed to allow expansion for the high school and its students. A third floor was added to the parish school building. The area was designed to include a chemistry lab and typing room.

In the 1920s, two sports, basketball and baseball, were added as extracurricular activities. The sports program has since evolved to include softball, tennis, golf, skiing, soccer, and cheerleading. All have done remarkably well over the years. In the last few years hockey and cross country have been added as varsity sports.

In the 1960s, Saint Mary Parish purchased the Westfield Trade Building to be used as the high school. The conversion of the building was completed in 1963 and the high school became a separate building from the elementary school for the first time in over sixty years.

In 1998-99 the school converted the old typing room into a new computer lab. The room also functions as the central location for the computer system, the server, and the connectors for all the rooms wired to the internet. This allows the students and teachers to access research materials online. At the present time computers have already been placed directly into classrooms thereby expanding our researching and teaching capabilities.

In 2002 a state of the art guidance/conference center was created from two small rooms adjacent to the main office. The room, a multi-purpose facility, is used by visiting college representatives, administration, faculty, students, and the School Board. The Guidance Office is also located in this room.

In 2010, the Library/Media Center was relocated to a newly refurbished space in the basement next to the Chemistry Lab. Two new classrooms were built in the former Library space: a regular classroom and a new Art Studio.