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Elementary P.T.O.

St. Mary's recognizes one Parent Teacher Organization with two subcommittees. During the summer the group will meet with the Head of School and Director of Advancement to set fundraising goals and the fundraising schedule. All activities, purchases, and fundraisers are presented to the Head of School in advance.

The PTO provides a channel of communication between parents, teachers, and the administration of St. Mary's Parish School in order to promote the general well being of the students. The specific goals of this organization are to:

1. Raise the necessary funds to provide for additional educational opportunities for the students.

2. Provide opportunites for all concerned individuals to come in contact with ideas which will promote the educational, moral, and spiritual development of the student at home and at school.

3. Direct and coordinate parental support to the school through assistance with activities, social functions, and fundraisers.

4. Raise the consciousness of the parents regarding local, state, and federal legislation that affect Catholic schools as well as the lives of the students and parents.

All parents are members of the PTO and are encouraged to actively participate. A list of meeting dates and times is given out at the beginning of the school year.

The Elementary Campus P.T.O. Officers for 2013-2014 are:

Joanne Davidson
Home: 562-3448
Cell: 265-4680 

Cindy Patnode
Home: 562-7584
Cell: 214-8488 

Home: 330-4621

Adrianna Nadeau