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Classroom Rules

•Math class, both grades: All work is to be done in pencil. Proper setup is to be used for textbook work. Homework is usually given Monday-Thursday nights. 
•All papers will be sent home with a topsheet. Please sign and return the topsheet. The papers are yours to keep. 
•A 3-5 day notice will be given for tests. Quizzes will be given at any time with or without notice. 
•A neat and organized journal is important in all classes. 
•Participation in discussions and activities is very important. 
•Each student who is absent will be given an assignment sheet with all missed work listed. Please be sure you see this paper. 
•Proper behavior is expected at all times. Good behavior will earn the class coupons toward a reward at the end of year. An individual's misbehavior will earn them checks. Four checks in one week will mean a warning.