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Welcome to Physical Education

<p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;In Physical Education class (Pre-School through Grade 8) students build off of a solid foundation to increase their skills, support one another in play, and build character. Students do a variety of different activities that will benefit them physically and spiritually based on how much they apply themselves with one another in each activity. All classes are expected to come in each week and accomplish tasks either on their own or in groups. They also must complete and keep clean/respect the equipment throughout each class period. Below explains a small portion of activities we do at each level of learning:</p><p style="text-align: center;"><u><strong>Preschool-Pre-Kindergarten</strong></u></p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;We do obstacle courses with pathways, and different motor skills, praise in motion (praising God in all we do whether it’s dancing or just walking, skipping, hopping), tag games, and team activities that involve listening and taking turns.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><strong><u>Kindergarten-First Grade</u></strong></p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;We expand on the different motor skills from Pre-Kind and begin to involve those skills into more teamwork activities. Some of these include following the leader throughout an activity, throwing and catching, kicking and guarding, pushing and pulling, collecting and counting, passing and receiving, and using our bodies to praise the Lord.&nbsp;</p><p style="text-align: center;"><u><strong>Second-Third Grade</strong></u></p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;We expand the different motor skills from Kindergarten and First Grade and begin to involve teamwork and accountability for accomplishing skills, support of others, and character building. By Third Grade students should know the importance of teamwork, and begin to start to apply it into making plays, coming up with ideas to help their team out, and also individually do their best in all of the above skills listed, to benefit themselves and others in the activities they do. Some activities include: soccer, lacrosse, baseball, kickball, basketball, and more.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><strong><u>Fourth-Fifth Grade</u></strong></p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;By Fourth Grade students begin to learn how to instruct certain lessons to the class to build teaching skills, and the ability for students to learn from other students. They also participate in many activities that expand off of the skills learned in Second and Third Grade, which include a variety of team activities such as lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball and more.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><strong><u>Sixth-Eighth Grade</u></strong></p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;By Sixth Grade students begin activities that expand off of the skills learned in Fourth-Fifth Grade. The activities become highly competitive at the middle school level where students will be involved in flag football, volleyball, indoor soccer, lacrosse, dodgeball, and more.</p>