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Program Policies

  1. Code of Behavior: While we believe in a relaxed atmosphere for your children at the Afterschool Program, it is necessary to maintain order. Accordingly, it will be required for the children to play in a quieter manner indoors. They are also expected to respect others’ property and speak courteously to others. After snack and play, they are required to leave the area neat and in order.
  2. DisciplineIf a child is misbehaving and/or creating a safety hazard, he/she will receive a verbal warning and a subsequent time out. In the event of repeated misbehavior and unwillingness on the part of the child to comply, it may be necessary to contact the parent. Further difficulty may result in withdrawal from the program. 
  3. SnacksHealthy snacks will be provided daily which will include food and drink. We ask that you do not send candy or gum with your child to the Afterschool Program. If your child/ren stay late-you can pack an extra snack. 
  4. Early Dismissal for Illness: If your child becomes ill during the Afterschool Program, we will contact the parent at his/her place of employment. (If it is preferable to call another person during this circumstance, please indicate this on the registration form.) If your child is dismissed from school, during regular school hours, or the program due to illness, or for any other reason, he/she is not permitted to return that day.
  5. Registration: The registration form MUST be completed and returned along with the registration fee before the student may attend the Afterschool Program. Because of the demand for this service and limited space, the number taken into the program will be limited: accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  6. Schedule Changes: Any time your child’s schedule changes (not attending on a regularly scheduled day or attending on an unscheduled day), you MUST submit in writing two notes, one addressed to the homeroom teacher and one to the Afterschool Program. For safety reasons, we must be properly informed as to where your child needs to be.
  7. Pick-up: ONLY those people listed on the registration form may pick up your child. Proper identification, such as a license, will be required. All students will be signed out by Afterschool Program staff to this authorized and properly identified adult. We ask that when you sign them out, please let them know that it is time to leave. (We know it is hard sometimes to get them going, but this would be appreciated by the staff.)
  8. Early Closing: It may be necessary to close the Afterschool Program due to inclement weather.  You must have a plan in place whereby students will know exactly what they are to do. The school cannot make phone calls to each family – there are simply too many. A form will be sent in the fall in order that we might have such information on hand. You are advised to listen to channels 22 and 40, as well as local radio.
  9. Early Release Days: On these days, lunch is provided for a small fee if there is no school lunch. Students may bring their own lunches if you prefer. Also field trips are occasionally planned for early release days, for a small additional fee.
  10. Clothes: We strongly recommend that each child bring play clothes to change into after school.
  11. Special Needs: Please be sure to notify the Afterschool Program Director of any special needs, allergies, illnesses, etc. that your child may have.
  12. To Reach the Program: During regular school hours, messages can be left in the school office by calling 568-2388. After school hours you can reach the Afterschool Program by dialing the school number and extension 14 or Preschool ext. 18.
  13. In Addition to Policies: already stated above, all policies in the school handbook of St. Mary’s Parish School apply to our Afterschool Program and Preschool program, as well.
  14. School/Dean of Students Right to Amend: though this handbook was created with great forethought and care, situations and/or issues will arise that were not anticipated or that for some unanticipated reason our handbook does not delineate.  The Dean of Students and or/Administrator also reserve the right to amend this handbook for just cause.  Parents will be given prompt notification if changes are made.