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Why Give?

The motivations for supporting St. Mary's Parish School are as many and as varied as St. Mary's Parish School donors are themselves:

  • You believe a St. Mary's Parish School education and lifelong friendships forged at the school shoud be accessible to qualified students whose financial resources make attendance beyond their reach.

  • You value the opportunities that St. Mary's Parish School offers its students in athletics, arts, community service, etc., and want to strengthen those experiences for others.

  • A St. Mary's Parish School teacher or staff member has had a lasting impact on you or your child's life, and you want to ensure that all students can benefit from such a remarkable faculty.

“With a top-notch education, accented by the nurturing love of people guiding you on your path to the future, St. Mary’s is the harmonious equilibrium of what everybody should want in a school.” 

- Brendan Bastible, Class of 2014