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What is Advancement

The Advancement Program for St. Mary's Parish School is designed to promote and enhance our school.  Advancement is responsible for fundraising and building relationships between our school and the community.  We raise funds primarily thorough our Annual Drive, events, and grant writing.

The dollars raised by the Advancement Program are used by our schools to strengthen our academic programs, attract and retain outstanding faculty, provide tuition assistance and enhance and maintain our facilities.  Tuition alone does not cover the cost to educate a student in our schools: Funds raised by the Advancement Program help to defray this significant difference, so we can keep tuition as low as possible.

The Advancement Program also hosts goodwill and friendship events such as a teacher/staff appreciation reception, Friendly's Fun Nights, a Santa Breakfast and more.  All of our events are designed to help us fulfill the mission of our school, strengthen ties to the community, build friendships and raise money while doing so.

If you would like to get involved in the St. Mary's Advancement Program somehow, we would love to hear from you!