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Welcome back to your high school alma mater! We'd love to know what's going on with you since you've left our halls. Please email us with your:

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Here's our latest alumni newsletter to show what is new here at St. Mary's Parish School:

Dear Alumnus/a,

These are exciting times at St. Mary’s! During the past year we completed the merger of the elementary and high schools. The new institution is known as St. Mary’s Parish School. Mrs. Nicole Nietsche was appointed Head of School. Sr. Christine Lavoie, SSJ is Dean of Students at the elementary school and Mr. Michael Hourihan is Dean of Students at the high school. This decision to consolidate was made after many months of prayerful thought, research and discussion. We truly believe that the new model best serves the interests of today’s students; and also reflects and continues the tradition of excellence that is the trademark of St. Mary’s.

Another innovation is the introduction of foreign students to our high school. We currently have two students from China and have 8 more to set to enroll in the fall of 2014. These students bring a new dimension to the educational experience. They reside with local families and have been well received by both classmates and faculty.

Recognizing that a good environment is essential to learning, we strive to maintain a safe and attractive physical plant. The most recent improvement projects have focused on school safety initiatives such as bullet resistant doors, new interior locks, additional surveillance cameras, and transponder radios which are connected to local emergency responders. Our schools have seen many advances in academics and technology as well. Every computer in the school has been upgraded, online interactive curriculum has been introduced, our middle school students are now a part of Edline (an online communication website for teachers/administrators and parents), and a new SAT prep course and additional advanced placement courses have been added. We have worked to promote our social media presence, you can now follow us on Facebook (@STMSaints), Twitter (@STMSaintsTweet) and Instagram (STMSaintsInsta), and our new website:, was just launched. Please check it out!

Enrollment throughout the school remains steady with some classes being at maximum. We are proud of the high caliber faculty and staff that we have been able to attract. Their abilities and dedication are reflected in the achievements in the classrooms, on the athletic fronts and in other extracurricular activities. St. Mary’s is on the forefront of technology throughout all grades. College acceptance rate is at 98% and those students opting for other career choices also find successful placement.

We think you would be proud of your Alma Mater and we urge you to contact us with any questions or comments. We also hope that you will find it in your heart to lend your financial support. The funds we raise through an appeal such as this help us to bridge the gap between tuition paid and actual cost to provide a quality education. They also provide us with the means to meet the costs associated with the inevitable unexpected expense that surfaces throughout the year and to take advantage of unanticipated opportunities.

We thank you for your consideration and loyalty and we wish you well in your personal endeavors.


Cheryl Ronzoni
Director of Advancement